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Speaking to Australasian Auctioneering Championship Finalist – Alec Brown


The 2018 Australasian Auctioneering Championships took place earlier this month, celebrating the most skilled auctioneers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

A number of exceptional Australian auctioneers were finalists in the event, recognised as among the top five auctioneers in Australasia in 2018.

Among these talented auctioneers is Alec Brown of the Australian Capital Territory, recently appointed as Sales Director for Ray White Canberra, who spoke to Real Estate News Group on his reception of this accolade.



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How has your approach to real estate earned you this award?

Before I started in real estate I spent many weekends researching the industry and particularly enjoyed going to as many auctions as I could. I was so impressed by the theatre and charisma of the auctioneers. I dreamt of always wanting to be one.

As my sales career progressed I decided to broaden my experience by training to be an auctioneer. It quickly became a passion of mine and thankfully many of my fellow colleagues supported me on this journey. What I believe accelerated my skills was in particular was competition calling. I understand and can appreciate the opinion of some within the industry that a comp can be ‘far different than what happens out there in the real world’ or the numbers are often complicated or difficult – but I think that’s what makes the competition so interesting, it’s a chance for us as professionals to train for all situations, to improve our competency above whats needed in most scenarios and test our skills against our peers.

Ultimately I think this benefits the consumers, both buyer and seller. The better I can be as an auctioneer the better I can represent my clients and industry as a whole.

What does receiving this award mean to you?

It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work over many years and a recognition of the help and support provided by so many along the way. When I first started auctioneering I remember watching some Australasian finals on youtube and just thinking it was something out of this world. The numbers, the complexity, the language – all of it just seemed to represent the pinnacle of the craft. From that point I guess I always wanted to be competitive and each year I guess it’s a case of just wanting to do better – not so much against others but to know you performed better than you did the year previously.

Having qualified for Australasians last year and fairing OK, I set my sights on making the finals, a step no auctioneer from the ACT has been able to take though I would note there’s been quite a few of that calibre before. It’s been a long year of training and practice but I’m just incredibly thankful to have made the cut and competed in my first finals.

What is your opinion on the current state of Australia’s real estate market?

It’s an interesting question and I think first and foremost your opinion will very much be determined on where you live. As a broad overview as a nation there’s no doubt the royal commission has perhaps influenced some uncertainty and tighter lending conditions than what we’ve seen in years past. Some of the hotter markets have needed a return to the mean to keep things in check. I don’t subscribe to the idea of a big correction or bubble just around the corner that will have a significant impact. As somewhat of an optimist I believe we will still look back to this time in ten years from now and wish we bought then!

What are your plans moving forward?

I’ve just started a new position as a sales director for Ray White Canberra – its an exciting step forward for my career. From an auctioneering perspective it’s back to business. The Australasians have provided a lot of learning opportunities and a great forum for professionals right across the country and New Zealand to network and collaborate. Having made the finals now I feel compelled to back it up, prove to myself I can do it again and work towards taking that last step and getting my name on that trophy. You’ll see me next year one way or another!