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Steps to Automate Your Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce automation is the next step to ensure that your stand out from the millions of ecommerce sites today. There are plenty of benefits when you automate your website and there are also many tools and agencies that can help you accomplish this.

However, before you venture into this with an agency or by yourself you should understand the implementation process. Below are some of the main steps that need to be followed,

Reduce Cart Abandonment

We’ve all been guilty of this. Just causally browsing through and then just leaving the website without making a purchase. This is quite a problem for every online ecommerce site nowadays. However, with automation you can easily fix this problem.

You can use automation to identify customers that leave your platform without purchasing anything and then automatically send them marketing push notifications or emails to encourage them to make a purchase. No, all your abandoned carts will be converted however your number will definitely increase

Automate Reviews

Nowadays customer reviews are like gold and they can either make or break a product. Marketing campaigns are proven useless when compared to customer reviews.

You can automate reminders to customers who purchased items to leave a review and merge them into your product pages.

Automate Inventory Management

Inventory management is tricky for any type of business. If you own an ecommerce platform chances are your stock might be in different places therefore by using automation and merging this with your POS and CRM you can manage inventory in real time.

Most CRM packages nowadays have built in automation for real time inventory tracking.

Invoicing Automation

Online accounting software like QuickBooks or payment portals PayPal have built in automation for invoicing. These can easily be integrated with ecommerce sites and proven useful when it comes to record keeping.

Automate Customer Experience and Service with AI

Most of today’s automation is done with AI, some simple and complex AI algorithms are used for depending on the task.

You can use AI to improve the user experience and other customer service features like live chats. For example, if you own a platform based on shopify automation can drastically improve customer service.

Refunds and Replacement

How you handle returns will make a big difference on how the customer feels about your platform. Returns are quite common especially if you manage an online fashion store. Customers order incorrect sizes and then want to return and replace.

You can use automation to identify what products are eligible for returns, replacement or refunds.

Fulfillment Automation

Automation is used in the pick and pack process to save time, effort and money. You can use barcodes to scan labels and then automate parcel tracking and email these to your customers once they leave the warehouse.

Automation is basically used to streamline your platform and to make your processes efficient. Human intervention is needed from time to time but we all know that machines are much more efficient than we are.

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