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Study shows the plight of Australia’s pet-owning tenants


A recent poll from realestate.com.au has shown that half of all pet-owning tenants have struggled to find a place to rent – where some tenants resort to hiding their pets, a new pet profiles tool provides an easier path.

The findings of the study

The study brought to light, among others, two statistics in painful opposition – 47 percent of all surveyed would choose to live with a pet rather than a person or nothing, while 94 percent believe tenants without pets are preferred by owners.

The reality is, just over half of pet-owning renters struggled in finding a pet-friendly property.

As such, many tenants resort to deception, one in four pet-owning tenants admitting to having lied in applications about owning a pet and 27 percent hiding their pet for the duration of a rental inspection.

A solution for landlords and tenants

Measures such as these may not be necessary for pet-owning tenants, however, with Executive General Manager of ‘realestate.com.au’, Andrew Rechtman, stating that “over the past 12 months, we’ve had more than 2.3 million searches for pet-friendly rentals on realestate.com.au.

“To help renters present their pet in the best light, we’ve launched a new ‘pet profiles’ tool on 1Form. With this tool renters can now provide a bio and picture of their pet alongside their application.”

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With 74 percent of Australians believing pets should be allowed in all rental properties, this tool could help bridge the gap.

“Since launching pet profiles, we’ve already seen more than 57,500 people add their pet to an application and we’ve had a really positive response from property managers and landlords.”

Making use of features such as these is not the only way tenants can help their renting situation. “It’s a good idea to let the landlord or property manager know that your pet is regularly health checked, is registered and is micro-chipped. You might also consider taking your pet along to an inspection.”

Source: realestate.com.au