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Survey: Storms Cost SA Real Estate Businesses $3,420,000, 75% of Agencies Affected


Over 75% of South Australia real estate agents reported their sales business was affected by the storms and power outages last week, with 10% even reporting deals had fallen through due to the weather.


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75% of agents reported difficulties with client communications during the storm (Source: SA Real Estate News Survey, September 2016)

When asked to put a monetary figure on the cost of the storms to businesses, the average cost to business was $4,687 taking into account lost wages, lost commissions and loss of productivity. The estimated cost for the entire South Australian industry was $3,421,875.

The storm crosses Glenelg Beach (Photo Credit: Alex Scapens Photography)

But a number of real estate businesses bucked the trend, with tech-savvy principals who had moved their businesses to cloud software managing to continue “business as usual” as their competitors shut down.

“Business  in the cloud survived and thrived yesterday,” Said Declan O’Callaghan of Voiteck Communications.

“The storms and lack of electricity tested everyone in Adelaide. People in business should never take their IT and Telecommunications for granted. The importance of having UPS (Uninterrupted Power supplies) allowing systems to be turned off gracefully is really important.”

When asked about the ability to protect vital infrastructures such as servers and computers, O’Callaghan said:

“Servers are vulnerable to Electricity Spikes and do not like being just switched off. Your traditional PABX should be considered a server and it doesn’t like being abruptly turned off either. If your phone system dies, make sure you have a working relationship with your supplier to divert telephone calls to a message bank or to a mobile (if the cellular networks are working).”

“The importance of having plans in place are significant.  We certainly advise all of our customer’s equipment to be at least protected by UPS and where possible getting them into  Data centres which are fully protected by back up generators.  If you have your phones and Servers/services in the cloud or in data centres, you quite literally would have been business as usual. I hope and trust business does not wait for the next big storm and they start evaluating this now.”

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