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Swimmer on his way to a Mosman beach almost buys $4.5 million home


This is probably only possible in Sydney’s affluent North Shore.

A swimmer on his way to the beach in Mosman casually popped into an auction and almost dropped $4.52 million on a home.

A house at 236 Raglan Street, Mosman, was being auctioned onsite for $4,520,000 last week.

The property was reportedly much sought after, with nine bidders looking to buy it.

But just as the auction was about to begin, a man on his way for a swim stumbled upon the auction.

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With his towel casually slung over his shoulder, the man took a quick look at the place and decided to have a punt.

Since he clearly loves swimming, he may have been influenced by the fact that the property is located just 200 metres from Balmoral Beach.

The man registered for the auction but was beaten by one of the other bidders. Oh well, at least he still got to have a dip.

The house had been held by the same family for over 30 years and had generated quite a bit of interest according to the agent.

Source: News.com.au