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Ok, we’re about to show you a tech that may add 6 hours to your week, without compromising your client service.

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Post open inspection, you know who your top buyers from the weekend were. But would we really be properly servicing if we didn’t call back every buyer, even the time-wasters?

How about prospecting calls? Sure we want to speak with all the hot prospects and we usually get them out the way first, but then that leaves a whole database of “warm” & “cold” leads to touch base with. Not motivating at all.

Hot Drop Marketing is one of the most simple techs that addresses the issue of not being able to give that human touch to more than one client at a time.

How does it work?

Hot Drop Marketing allows you to send a voicemail direct to your contact’s phone, without their phone even ringing. Essentially allowing you to reach-out to every contact you need to speak with in a personal manner, at the same time without it feeling impersonal or generic.

Better yet, you can follow-up every tyre-kicker and time waster, without having to spend hours on the phone speaking with people not worth the personal call.

Think about all the time you’ve spent calling back every buyer and prospect you knew wasn’t interested in your message, isn’t in the market (or just wanted to talk someone’s your ear off). Now imagine how many hours you could have spent doing more productive activities rather than sitting on the phone.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Hot Drop Marketing website ( and check out their cool introduction videos that give a great overview of the service!

Or, call Annette Brennan on 0451 677 762 for a free trial and more information!