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The Best Ways to Reward Your Child

The best way to motivate your child is through rewards. Even adults love appreciation and praise. They want to feel appreciated because that makes them feel good and motivates them to do better. Isn’t this one of the reasons why adults wait for appraisals at work?

On the other hand, kids have fragile heart and innocent thoughts, so the best way to keep them interested in doing something is to reward them. There are different reward systems. Some kids love hearing appreciative words. But some kids want to receive gifts.

So there are tangible and intangible reward systems. Today, let’s discuss a few ways to reward your child:

Affection is a reward

You can treat affection as a reward because it is. When your child does something praiseworthy, you can pat him, high-five, or hug him. Some kids appreciate kiss more than anything. As a parent, you know what your child likes the most, based on it, you can reward him for his behaviour.

But what’s more important is that the child should understand that the affection offered is the reward for his excellent behaviour. If he doesn’t, then the whole point of rewarding is missing.

Affection is an immediate reward that involves no cost. However, some parents don’t feel comfortable showing affection in public. But this needs to change because you’re showing affection to your child, and that shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, you should be proud to hug and set it as an example for others to follow the reward system when their kids do something good.

Gift is a reward

Whether giving gift is a reward or not, kids love receiving gifts. So, if your child loves playing with dough, you can look for play dough tools Australia online. It’ll be like making his playtime special.

When you give gifts, you should make sure that the kid loves receiving what you’re giving. You should know your child’s likes and dislikes. Some parents tend to offer educational toys as gifts so that their child will improve more and gain more knowledge.

But before you offer it, think about whether your child actually needs it. Ask whether he’d be happy to receive educational toys.

Sometimes, if you offer educational toys, they might not like it but still take them because you’re giving. This kind of reward will not motivate them because they’re not excited to receive it.

Thus, before you give something, make sure to ask the child whether he’d be happy to receive the gift that you’re planning to buy.

Time is a reward

Sometimes you tend to forget that the best gift that you can give your child is your time. This could be offered in different ways. Maybe you can take him out for dinner, or you can spend time cooking together.

Or you can play with your child more than you usually do. You can read more than one bedtime story to make him happy. Likewise, there are different ways to reward your time if you want to motivate your child.

That said, try to make it a habit to follow a reward system if you want to motivate your child.

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