Home Building The Butler’s Pantry: What to Consider First

The Butler’s Pantry: What to Consider First


For those in the enviable position of designing a new home, adding a butler’s pantry might be something you’re thinking about.

But are they worth it? What’s the point of having a second kitchen right next to another, perfectly functioning one? Here are some points to consider.

Is it a Fad?

The formal dining room used to be considered a design necessity. Changes in our lifestyle now mean many are unused most of the time. Consider how a butler’s pantry will benefit you in the long term, not just now when it’s considered somewhat of a trend.

The Great Entertainer

If you frequently entertain, a butler’s pantry could be just what you need. You can complete all preparation away from guests while leaving the main kitchen clean to showcase platters and serve drinks.

Can You Afford It?

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Your budget will take a hit by installing an extra wet area, walls and shelving. If it fits in with your plans, incorporating the laundry could make the extra outlay worthwhile.

A Question of Storage

If storage is one of the main reasons you want a butler’s pantry, ask yourself this; do you need more storage or less stuff? A walk-in pantry might be a more practical, less costly solution. Declutter by pin-pointing the appliances and kitchenware you use regularly. Sell or donate the rest.

Stay Social

For some, the kitchen is the social hub of the home. Consider how your kitchen is used. Foregoing a butler’s pantry for a larger kitchen with island-bench seating could be a practical alternative – and no one is stuck in the pantry doing all the work while everyone else socialises.

Banish the Bulk

If the reason for planning a butler’s pantry is to hide bulky appliances, think about a smarter cupboard design instead. Bi-fold doors can be opened for easy access and closed to conceal everything when required.

Double Up

If your home design includes an outdoor entertaining area, does the plan accommodate two-way access to the butler’s pantry? Make the most of the second kitchen rather than installing a third for outdoor use.