We have been following the career progression of our Recruits since February and we are now at the halfway mark of the series and this is our 4th check in with the recruits.

In our last installment, we didn’t get the chance to speak with Brandon as he was travelling overseas. We caught up with him this time, along with Brooke and Sam.

A lot has changed since the last time we checked in with our Recruits! Big milestones and goals have been met, and new challenges taken on…

Million dollar listings and new a career focus within the industry.

Here is what they had to say.

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Brooke has began a new career focus within the industry, now not only selling land developments but properties now as well.

I am still selling land developments which is my major focus, but I have recently listed an established home. The Vendor is purchasing an allotment through me at one of our estates, and their contract is subject to the sale and settlement of their established home.

 I am really enjoying it so far but it is completely different to selling land. There is far more emotion involved from all sides in an established home sale, compared to that of a vacant allotment.


The highlight for me is working with first home buyers. They’re so appreciative that they’re able to purchase an allotment and build a home. It’s such an exciting time for them and I feel grateful to be a part of the process and assist.


Whilst I’m enjoying it, I am also finding it challenging negotiating with all parties. In the land sales there is not much, if any, negotiation involved, however with an established home you are negotiating with both the Vendors and all potential purchasers. I have been fortunate however in relation to enquiry levels.

At my first open, I had 25 groups through, followed by a Sunday open with 29 groups. We had 10 offers on the property with one successfully accepted. Unfortunately however after signing the Contract, the Purchaser cooled off. This was a bit disheartening being my first established home sale, however we went back to market with another two successful opens, re-contacted all our offers and enquiries, received 6 offers, and secured an offer at a similar price as the previous. It has been an interesting and educational experience but I have really enjoyed the challenge.


Brooke sets goals at the start of each month and quarter, to provide the best for her clients and help them achieve their property goals. She believes in setting challenging and even borderline unachievable goals, because she believes that even if she doesn’t reach her set goal, she will still have achieved more having aimed higher.

I write down my goals and keep them in my work space as a reminder every day of what I’m trying to achieve. 

But I set myself a measurable monetary goal as well. My original goal at the start of the year was to write $80,000 in commission by June 30. Unfortunately I didn’t reach this goal, however I was able to write approximately $55,000 in commission. At the beginning of July, I then revisited by goal and have set a new target to write $130,000 in commission for the whole of 2017. For established homes this may seem like a small figure, but in land sales the average gross commission is $3,000 – $4,000 per allotment, and I am only writing the selling portion.



Sam was the first of our recruits to have listed a million dollar property, something he has worked very hard towards achieving and has been a big goal of his.

I have listed my first million dollar property, however the listing (51 Whyte Street, Somerton Park) is still on the market at the moment. Unfortunately we aren’t getting the response to that one that we had hoped for. A beautiful home that I’m sure will suit the right person when they come along.


I have had a good month, bringing on 10 new listings. Only 1 sale though unfortunately. I’m starting to sense that the market might be flattening slightly. I’m putting a lot of effort into being disciplined around my daily structure and making sure that I make the time to get calls out. I have also actually started tracking my calls loosely recently which has been interesting. 

With 4 new launches in Oaklands Park in the next fortnight I am going to try a little campaign in the area combining letters, DLs, social media marketing and the usual calls and door knocks to try to saturate the area and hopefully get a roll on in the suburb.


Sam continues to polish his skills in negotiating and in gaining more listings, aiming to provide the best service possible to his vendors, buyers, and clients.

I have set myself a goal for the next 12 months around number of listings and sales that I would like to achieve. I’m focusing on making at least 30-40 connects a day and servicing vendors/purchasers so that we increase our referral business.


I’m in the depths of renovating at the moment and I am getting married in just over two months, so the most challenging aspect of my job at the moment is finding a good work/life balance.

Favourite listing…

Sam’s favourite listing is one of his most recent to be on the market, a beautiful modern property located south west of the city in Glengowrie.

I can’t decide on a favourite listing, but I am quite excited to have 22A Ranelagh St, Glengowrie on the market recently.



Brandon has also been very successful in achieving one of his major goals that he has been working towards during his first year of selling; a million dollar listing in his core suburb.

I have listed my first, million dollar house in my core suburb of Burnside which is always a goal.


Brandon’s favourite of his current listings is 11 Eagle Road, in Leawood. The beautiful home built in the early 1990’s is hidden in the Adelaide Hills, close to Stirling and Crafers, while being only 20 minutes from the city.

My listing in Leawood Gardens is going well, but it’s a hard one having no properties sold recently in the area.


My favourite part of my job would be just getting to go through so many fantastic houses everyday and being surprised with the innovative and modern ideas people come up with.


Brandon is finding new ways to attract business. Although it’s challenging, he is learning new things and is remaining very focused on giving the best service possible to his clients, as his main priority.

What I find to be the most challenging part would be the stage that I’m in now, where I don’t get any referral business so I have to work my butt off to generate leads.

I believe that the best way to generate new business is to give great service to buyers on current listings, to get listings off the back of them.

Favourite listing…

Brandon’s favourite of his listings is one for people who love the calm, open, beautiful spaces of the Adelaide Hills, yet still remaining close to the city for convenience and the best of both worlds.

My current favourite listing would have to be 11 Eagle Road in Leawood Gardens; it is hidden away in the hills but yet so close to the city and you can enjoy amazing views!