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“The wolf climbing the hill” – meet Matt Lange, a determined newcomer to real estate


Ambition is crucial to a real estate agent’s success, and up-and-coming agent Matt Lange has this attribute in spades. Having entered the industry as an assistant to John and Stephanie Williams, Matt then moved on to a co-agent position at Harcourts Williams, where he has recently made his first sale. Matt spoke to SA Real Estate News about his approach and future goals.

The road so far…

For Matt, the appeal of real estate is the freedom – it is a field he can throw himself into without limitation. “The main reason that prompted me to get into the field was the idea of the sky being the limit on where you can get yourself. The fact of setting your own hours, being able to grind all day and into the night without watching the clock.”

A glimpse into the world of real estate marketing inspired Matt’s interest in this career. “I first came across the idea of doing Real Estate a few years ago when I was helping my dad make real estate property videos for agents Australia Wide, and gained a passion through seeing the marketing side of things, which gave me a lot of ideas of my own to implement.”

Matt broke into the industry by “working as John & Stephanie Williams’ Personal Assistant, where I saw exactly how they do the level of business that they do… I can guarantee that you will learn more listening to Stephanie on the phone for an hour, than you could anywhere else.”

Now, Matt works as buyer manager and co-agent alongside Jonathon Kiritsis at Harcourts Williams, but he looks ever upwards. It is a simple mantra that guides Matt’s approach to real estate.

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“My favourite quote is ‘The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill,’ simply because it applies to every young agent out there trying to gain some traction in the industry. Essentially, an agent with low stock levels is, in most cases, going to be more hungry and determined to getting more business.”

“My mind set is that I need to be hungrier than anyone else if I want to end up at the top of the hill with the other wolves.”

Where Matt differs from the wolf is his departure from tradition. “The goal for the coming years is to implement some crazy marketing ideas that no one has seen before, and to ultimately deliver exceptional results, whilst enjoying the process with all parties involved in the sales.”