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A third of Adelaide city renters suffering “rental stress”


A third of Adelaide city renters are suffering “rental stress”, which is defined as when an individual spends more than 30% of their income on rent.

Using data from the Census 2016 on renting and average wages for each suburb, realestate.com.au has created an interactive tool which shows the overall rate of rental stress being experienced in each suburb.

According to the tool, Adelaide has the highest rental stress with 33.3% of renters spending over 30% of their income to pay the rent.

Of the inner city suburbs, Kent Town has the second highest (20%) followed by Thebarton (18.8%), Wayville (18.2%) and Brompton (17.2%).

Mile End (16.1%), North Adelaide (15.8%), Norwood (15.4%), Glenside (14.2%) and Unley (12.6%) round out the ten highest rental stress suburbs.

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Rental stress is also quite prevalent in Gilberton (12%), Dulwich (10.5%), Parkside (10.2%) and St Peters (9.9%).

Earlier this year, an analysis of median rent price in Australian metropolitan areas found that a single person earning minimum wage could afford to live in just four suburbs without facing rental stress.

Those four suburbs were Elizabeth North in Adelaide, Kooralbyn in Brisbane and Berriedale and Rokeby in Hobart.

To find out if rental stress is an issue in your area, use the tool here.

Source: realestate.com.au