Home Building Tiny house goes for $56,000 in first auction of its kind

Tiny house goes for $56,000 in first auction of its kind


A tiny house sold under the hammer in Melbourne for $56,000 earlier this month.

It was the first auction of its kind in Melbourne and believed to be the first in Australia.

The auction had generated a lot of interest online as people become more aware of the “tiny house movement” taking place globally.

The house that sold was made by Tiny Homes Australia. It packs a sofa-bed, fully-equipped kitchen, dining space and bathroom into its cosy 14.4 square metre space.

More 10,000 people checked out Tiny Homes Australia’s houses in the lead up to the auction, and an estimated 2,000 people turned up on auction day.

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Although two tiny homes were originally slated to go up for auction, it was later decided that one would be left on display.

“From day one, we were just hoping to get a good amount of interest. And the result has been mind blowing,” the auctioneers told Domain.

The winning bidder was a family from Melbourne who intend to park the tiny home on their property.

Tiny Homes Australia does not typically auction its creations, instead giving customers the chance to customise their homes all the way through to the final stages of construction.

In recent months, the tiny home movement has been picking up momentum in Australia and an increasing number of builders are looking to get in on the action.

Source: Domain