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Tips for Planning A Wedding Event on A Budget

Are you planning your wedding this year? Perhaps this little guide would help you consider certain avenues you could look into! Happy reading.


Without an invitation people can’t attend private events. When it comes to a private wedding it is usually friends and family. It is quite necessary to have an invitation. More decorative invitations are catchier to the eyes, rather than plain blank ones. When it comes to weddings the colour, theme is usually white. A nice invitation with nice colours and designs will attract people and make them hyped up for your wedding.


Everyone hopes for the perfect location for their wedding! We recommend the beach if you want to have a tropical wedding. The beach is a perfect location but it is all based on you! At the beach you have the ocean, and a very open area. It is very attractive and could easily fit into a budget!


Usually at events at the beach it is mostly cloth-like tents or huts that are commonly used which are generally recommended. It is very affordable and attractive and very easy to decorate! You can also have it in the open air- also an option to consider.


It is very important to have seating at events especially weddings. Colour schemed seating that matches your decoration is extremely attractive to the eye. For a beach type wedding, we recommend white chairs with a silver shine to make them attractive! Cushioned seats are most comfortable for your guests, but it is all depending on you and your loved one.


Lighting is very important for your event. The warmth, the brightness are all factors you have to consider. When at the beach it is very nice to have warm lighting. The design of the light shades is all up to you. We recommend lantern lights; it is very catchy to the eye and a great decoration.

Here is one more reason you could choose the beach, if you decide to unite during the sunset you will not need much lighting during this hour and can enjoy the most beautiful scenic wedding captures, which are most romantic!


For a simple and an attractive look plants are always the best option! Greenery gives out the best look and very catchy. It is the simplest

way to turn dull into fabulous. Fairy lights are lights hanging on wire, they are very attractive and perfect for a beach wedding. It is very simple but can be hung or in bottles of many other ways.

Further you could add, White linen curtains which are very attractive and can be used as a decorating item as it looks very fantastic to the eye. Decorating can be hard sometimes, luckily Decor It event supplies is a simple solution.


The stage is where you are going to be married. It can be just a slab that’s big enough, or you can go extra by renting a stage. For the beach we recommend a white stage, but it is up to you. The stage should be big enough to hold the bride and groom, the maid of honour (optional) or you can do it on the plain sand or use carpeting for that extra touch.

We hope you have the best time planning your wedding, we wish you the best of luck and happy wedded life!

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