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Tips for Selecting Horse Treats
If you are a horse owner you will know exactly how much horses love their treats. However, you need to practice caution so as not to feed them a large amount or give treats very frequently.

Horses tend to get excited when receiving delicious treats and they will try to swallow it without chewing properly. To avoid choking hazards, it is better to be careful about the texture of the treat and the size.

Some of the most popular horse treats are favored pellets, biscuits, sugar cubes, cookies, orange peels, apples, etc. Horses love to eat sugar cubes bit you need to limit the amount you give them as the feeds will have sugar as well. Check the sugar levels in the biscuits and pellets that you give as well. It is better to cut the apple into slices or wedges instead of feeding the whole apple to the hose. Orange peel has a lot of fiber and other essential nutrients.

But you need to take care that you feed them orange peel in limited amounts. There are a lot of treats you can find online that are marketed for horses. But you need to be aware of the ingredients and the nutrient content of the treat so that you know when to give them and how often you can give them. You need to read the labels carefully before you feed the horse. If you need to clarify anything, you can always ask your local vet about whether the product is fine for consumption.

You need to know where the horse treat is sourced from. You can read which country it comes in when you look at the label. Another item you need to check on the label is whether there are any preservatives. It is best to avoid labels that say BHA or BHT is used as a preservative. A recommended preservative in treats is vitamin E. You need to read the entire ingredient list so that you are aware of everything that goes into the treat.

The internet will come in useful if there is an ingredient that you have not heard of. You need to keep on top of any horse feed recalls as well. This may affect the quality of the horse treat as well. If you are using horses for competitive sports, it is best to monitor the herbs that are put in the treats. There are instances when plant ingredients can affect the performance of the horse.

There are some food items that are harmful to horses such as chocolate. You should be careful when giving dairy products as there can be loose stools or stomach upsets because of lactose intolerance. It is better to use whole food or certified and regulated treats for horses. This will ensure their health and nutrition.

Natural whole foods like carrots, bananas, apples, melons, and sweet potatoes can make delicious treats for your horses. You may also have a horse that has special needs such as a resistance to insulin. You need to be extra careful about the sugar or starch content in the treats in this instance. If you have a special needs horse, it is better to clear with the veterinarian about which food and treats to give.

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