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Tips to Decorate A Baby Room

There is something satisfying and thrilling about decorating a baby’s room. Planning out the space where your child will grow is a sentimental and sometimes overwhelming experience. The space of the room has to be planned precisely in order to ensure convenience and peace of mind.

When decorating you are bound to receive various opinions from people around you regarding the colour, style and what essentials and furniture should be kept in the room. However, it is important to trust your gut and enjoy the process without it becoming too stressful. Regardless of how you like to decorate here are some useful tips that might come in handy.

The colour is not a big deal

Some parents have to face the difficult question of which colour to paint the room. Moving away from the usual blue and pink, parents are starting to use the rest of the colour palette available. However, you should not stress over the colour.

We do recommend picking a light, airy colour that will make the room appear spacious and warm. There are many pastel shades that are ideally for a baby boy or girl. Using a washable paint is also recommended. When your baby grows there is a good chance your walls will be the first to take the hit, therefore a washable paint will be practical over time.

Having enough shade is a must

The room should look spacious and light but with the option of making it look like night in broad daylight. Babies sleep best in blacked out room so you could try adding in some heavy curtains to block out light when needed. The heavy curtains will also help reduce the sound that passes through the room.

Furniture should be conveniently placed

The changing table should be placed near the cot and any breakables should be settles faraway. When the furniture is conveniently placed it makes your life easier for when things get too busy. This way you can change your baby and have his or her clothes close by too.

Go green as much as possible

There are loads of sustainable and recycled toys that are just as useful as plastic. Consider getting your baby wooden baby toys instead of plastic ones, which is harmful and also easily breakable. Wooden and recycled toys can be used for a longer period and cause much less harm.

De-clutter the space

A bedroom is the one place that can get cluttered without us even knowing how. Similarly, a baby’s room is bound the face the same problem. Clothes, toys, books and everything in between can clutter the floor and even cupboards.

Before the mess becomes too much to handle organize and de- clutter the room whenever possible. Store or throw away broken toys, donate or giveaway clothes that cannot be worn and limit the space that is taken to store items. You and your baby both need space to move around as freely as possible without feeling confined.

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