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To style, or not to style? – Lady of The House


Content Contribution from Natalie Koutsikas, author at LADY OF THE HOUSE


If you have been scrolling through realestate.com over the last 12 to 18 months you would have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of professionally styled properties on the market. Presenting your home for sale is so much more than just replacing your existing furniture with some stark white low line pieces and popping up some art on the walls – when presenting for sale it can be the difference between tens of thousands of dollars so you need every buyer to fall in love with your home to ensure you get the best possible price.

Jacqui Dunn, of Jacqui Dunn Interiors & MC3 Building & Interiors is a seasoned professional in the business of pre sale styling here in Adelaide. Ask Jacqui what she gets asked the most and the answer is “can you please style my home without making it look staged?” The only give away that a property is staged should be the lack of fridge or television, but the home still needs to have a warmth to it despite not being lived in.

Stylists know how to position furniture in a room better than anyone – not only to maximise space & create an ambience but also to enhance a potential key photograph as they know what it takes to create a “money shot”. At the end of the day it all comes down to the photographs, if a property doesn’t photograph well then it won’t look good enough on the internet and it wont attract buyers to the open.

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It is so important to remember that the way a property is presented for sale is not necessarily the way we live, often the orientation of furniture can feel wrong but it photographs best and the colour schemes are often light and bright when maybe you prefer the warm and sultry look. It isn’t a case of personal taste, the proof is in the pudding – two identical homes (one in poorer condition after being tenanted for 10 years), both spend approx. $5000 on professional styling with different companies but the one in poorer condition sells for $10,500 more – style properly, or not at all.

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