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Top 5 Autumn Design Trends for 2018


Add warmth into your home with deep earthy hues and toasty tones. These are our top 5 design trends for Autumn.

Deeper Hues

As the days shorten and turn cooler, warmth is encouraged through rich, darker tones. Switch brighter citrus colours for deeper naturals of terracotta, russet and soft grey-greens – all selected by Dulux as 2018 Autumn trends.

If you still need a bit of brightness, add a flash of red. Pantone’s interior styling colour of the year is ultra-violet, branching off into deep purples.

Start small through soft furnishings, linens and accessories. If you want to immerse yourself in the colours of autumn, try a feature wall.

Industrial Lighting

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It’s still a winner. Promote a warm glow through an exposed bulb or bring an earthy warmth indoors by adding a brass lampshade. From pendants to funnel spotlights and floor lamps, there’s an option for every room of the house.

Touchy Textures

Think shiny, bulky and bold! Add sequinned cushions to oversized armchairs and lounges. Reflective surfaces add light to a darker space and complement larger furniture. Snuggle up under a chunky knitted throw.

Create a feature wall using wallpaper. Textured industrials, renaissance and 70’s Boho are considered this year’s trends.

Natural, as well as sleek, the smoother textures of marble and plexiglass are making a comeback. Add small amounts through planters, wall clocks or bathroom accessories.

Vintage Rugs

With so many colours, sizes and designs, there’s a vintage rug to suit any layout and colour palette. A versatile way to add warmth, depth and colour to your home during the colder months, be sure to rotate them periodically to even out foot traffic and maintain colour.

Not only an autumn trend, but a timeless decorative piece for years to come.

Anything Organic & Earthy

This includes; worn and weathered wood, hand-glazed ceramics, stone, rattan, leather, uneven shapes, rough lines and frayed edgings.

Ashley Hall, an amazing artist who creates beautiful woodburned pieces.

The options to incorporate these trends are endless – soft furnishings, rugs, baskets, artwork and decorative pieces, just to get you started. Experiment through a mix-&-match of colour and texture.