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Top agents profile – Cameron Bowes


Attracting new business is the life blood for any business, in particular for real estate agents to ensure your agency stays profitable.

Sometimes this might be hard to accomplish and ideas on how to jump start your business can be tough to come by.

Luckily enough we have spoken to a number of the top selling agents from last financial year here in South Australia, and they have each given us their top three tips for attracting new business, while also telling us how they spend their working week.

What are your top three tips for attracting new business?

1. Giving amazing service not just to my vendors but to buyers I talk to as well. By servicing buyers better than any other agent, you are more likely to be top of mind when they too decide to sell and are looking for an agent.

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2. Be the best in your market place. I work mostly in the deep south of Adelaide and have a large focus on a few particular suburbs in that area. By dominating a suburb or postcode and being seen as the ‘go to agent’ as you have the market share and the results, you will massively increase your chances of winning business or at least getting invited to meet potential sellers.

3. Tell everyone you know that you are in real estate. Friends, family, acquaintances; absolutely everyone. Every time you list or sell a property put it on your social media as a soft reminder that you are in real estate and you will help anyone. You want to get to the point where every time you bump into someone you know they are asking you how real estate is going. Even better if they are noticing your results.

What does your usual working week look like?

As soon as I jump out of bed I am in my gym gear and out the door doing letterbox drops for at least 20 minutes. One of the benefits of selling where you live, you can exercise and prospect at the same time. Once home I get ready for work and look at my to do list. On my way to the office I try to do all my vendor calls so they are updated for the day.

Monday – The focus is on selling. Open inspection call backs in the morning and showing buyers through properties and negotiating deals in the afternoon and until late in the evening.

Tuesday – Sales team meeting in the morning and out doing appraisals and showing buyers through properties in the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday – This is my phone call day. This is where I do my second round open inspection call backs, just listed/just sold calls, anniversary calls, hot list calls and cold calls. That evening is dedicated to appraisals and other appointments.

Thursday – The morning is for calling anyone I couldn’t get through to the day before, and updating and cleaning my data base. Afternoons are dedicated to buyer appointments and appraisals.

Friday – In the morning I see a personal trainer. During the afternoons I drop in my open inspection invites for newly launched properties. I also make sure I am organised for the busy weekend ahead of open inspections. Late in the day I try to catch up with a key referrer to strengthen the relationship.

Weekends are for open inspections. When I’m not working I’m out socialising and relaxing getting re-charged for the new week ahead.