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Top agents profile – Leonie Simmons


Attracting new business is the life blood for any business, in particular for real estate agents to ensure your agency stays profitable.

Sometimes this might be hard to accomplish and ideas on how to jump start your business can be tough to come by.

Luckily enough we have spoken to a number of the top selling agents from last financial year here in South Australia, and they have each given us their top three tips for attracting new business, while also telling us how they spend their working week.

What are your top three tips for attracting new business?

I consider myself a bit of an opportunist and however simple it sounds, being present and ‘on’ in readiness to seize the next opportunity is fundamental in business generation. We are trusted to do a job and I am focussed on suiting up, showing up and delivering game changing service irrespective of the time, day, or circumstance surrounding an interaction.

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Be it a casual conversation in the supermarket or a scheduled appraisal, showcasing who you are and what you do as often as possible pays dividends. I’m always on the starting blocks ready to assist.

I pick up the phone religiously and make calls. Buyer call backs, prospecting calls, general communication, and the like. When an opportunity to be in contact presents itself, I jump on it. I genuinely love the interaction, so I rarely miss a beat in this area.

Oddly, cold calling is a passion of mine. New conversation gets the blood pumping, I feel challenged and that’s when I’m at my best.

I sincerely believe that I can help people and therefore I make calls consistently and with no hesitation. Cold calling is an integral cog in business generation, irrespective of how long you have been in the industry.

Database rounds out my top 3. Every person that I speak to is placed in my database and nurtured via a customised journey.

A well-designed database is simply an extension of person power and is vital in reminding me who I need to touch base with and how often. I make a point of keeping my communication personal, as to ensure I get the most out of every interaction.

Email and SMS communication is fantastic but should only ever be used to underpin a strategy of one on one interaction, if you wish to get the best results from a CRM system.

What does your usual working week look like?

I consider my working week to be relatively standard. It’s probably the level of discipline that I apply to each component that makes it work well for me.

Mornings are always reserved for communication of any type and for dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on all the fundamentals across my listing portfolio. The CRM system that I work with basically directs traffic for me, making it easy to identify exactly what needs to be done daily. Afternoons are then dedicated to out of office appointments and whatever that may entail on the given day.

Buyer call backs are a non-negotiable each Monday and Wednesday, vendor call backs take place on Tuesday and weekends are generally committed to hosting open homes. This structure is the cornerstone of my business. I adhere to this 99% of the time, allowing a margin of flexibility as not to overlook what really matters: the client.