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Top Agents Profile: Nick Psarros


Written by Joe Schwab

Attracting new business is the life blood for any business, in particular for real estate agents to ensure your agency stays profitable.

Sometimes this might be hard to accomplish and ideas on how to jump start your business can be tough to come by.

Luckily enough we have spoken to a number of the top 10 selling agents from last financial year here in South Australia and they have each given us their top three tips for attracting new business while also telling us how they spend their working week.


Nick Psarros – Ray White Port Adelaide

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Top 3 Tips for attracting new business:

  1. Be customer centric.

It’s not about selling houses. It’s about helping people deal with change in their lives and help them meet their goals. People sell / buy for many reasons. It’s important to listen and understand what they need and work 200% to help them achieve this.

  1. Strategic Planning.

Make short term and long term goals in regards to what needs to be achieved and ensure there are systems in place to achieve these goals. Ongoing strategies include customer retention, vendor and purchaser servicing, personal marketing of all forms, door knocking, calling potential clients.

  1. Having the right people around me.

It’s important to have a great team of like-minded individuals that share my passion and commitment to customer service.

How I spend my working week:

My working week is built around having quality conversations with prospective buyers and sellers. I constantly need to make important phone calls to get more business. My role is based on customer contact, talking to people, providing consistent high level of service. I have skilled staff around me that implement the day to day tasks of marketing, liaising with conveyancers and deal with any tasks that arise each day in a busy office.

We’re profiling some of the top SA agents and asking them how they attract new business in the SA market, and how they structure their working week…

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