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Top Agents Profile – Sally Cameron (Toop&Toop)


Attracting new business is the life blood for any business, in particular for real estate agents to ensure your agency stays profitable.

Sometimes this might be hard to accomplish and ideas on how to jump start your business can be tough to come by.

Luckily enough we have spoken to a number of the top selling agents from last financial year here in South Australia, and they have each given us their top three tips for attracting new business, while also telling us how they spend their working week.

What are your top three tips for attracting new business?

1. My main attraction for new business is through referrals from previous clients. Word of mouth is very powerful. I provide an unmatched level of customer service to my clients so that when someone they know is thinking of selling they don’t hesitate to suggest me.

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2. Testimonials as they qualify and re-affirm my skills, abilities and past results from previous vendors and purchasers. I ask my clients to provide recommendations that I can use for my profile and marketing materials. If new clients would like to speak directly with one of my past clients I have a contact list who are happy for prospective clients to call them with any questions.

3. Targeted, lead-generating banner advertisements on real estate internet portals. They can be expensive but definitely help putting you on a potential seller’s shopping list and keeping you front of mind when buyers are selecting an agent to appraise their home.

What does your usual working week look like?

There is definitely no set working week, I am very flexible and fit in with other people’s lives.

I think it is very important to have a basic structure to your week but move things that are planned in advance or regularly as you need to especially for appraisals, as first impressions last.