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Top Agents Profile – Stephanie Williams


Attracting new business is the life blood for any business, in particular for real estate agents to ensure your agency stays profitable.

Sometimes this might be hard to accomplish and ideas on how to jump start your business can be tough to come by.

Luckily enough we have spoken to a number of the top selling agents from last financial year here in South Australia and they have each given us their top three tips for attracting new business while also telling us how they spend their working week.

Stephanie Williams – Harcourts Williams


Top 3 Tips for attracting new business:

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I offer excellent effective marketing of our strong brand/profile and our standout sales results. I continuously provide strong communications to our vendors, potential vendors and our valued buyers… Buyers are as important as our vendors, and often if they purchase from us they’ve enjoyed the professionalism, service and whole experience so much that they then entrust us with their property sale. Lots of activity breeds activity which builds momentum, which builds our brand & profile to the point that we now have clients that only trust us. In Adelaide, personal referrals represent a majority of my business!

I achieve maximum results from prompt follow up calls to all the buyers through our properties and note that you are demonstrating your professionalism, service and respectful conduct with them throughout their experience with you, which then translate into more business transactions and sales. I find both vendors and buyers choose to work with professional people, not highly marketed brands promising an experience – whereby I am constantly demonstrating the experience with standout outcomes.

I always put our vendors best interests first and foremost as it’s not about me, it’s about attaining the most successful outcome possible every time for my vendors.


How I spend my working week:

This is a 24/7 role and I love the way that no day is the same as the one prior or the one after – you cannot really template a working week – this is where the expertise of managing and prioritising your commitments makes you stand out from your competitors. In a market where there are hot buyers and potential vendors, you need to have a really quick response time otherwise you lose them. Further, I manage my diary with a team of two highly skilled personal assistants and manage our working week as follows:

Saturday & Sunday – Open Inspections
Monday and Tuesday – Personal Fitness, Follow up to all the buyers and make anywhere from 200 to 700 phone calls throughout. Follow up to all potential Vendor’s, Contract Negotiations
Wednesday – Personal Fitness, contract negotiations, call backs, midweek open inspections
Thursday – Personal Fitness, Contract Negotiations, Call Backs, Video and Listing presentations
Friday – Personal Fitness, Contract Negotiations, Call Backs, Video and Listing presentations