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Top reasons why your glass suppliers should also be the installer

There comes a stage where repairing glass just cannot be done, and you’re left with replacing them. This is when you should purchase the glasses, and hire an installation company – or is it the best way?

The best way is when your glass supplier is also the installer. In this read, we’re going to tell you why so that you’ll be able to be benefitted in an ideal way, steering clear of many complications.

No responsibility switching

What if your installer was blaming the material when the problem is their poor craftsmanship? What if the supplying company denied everything although they know their glasses are defective? On both occasions, you’ll be affected, and this responsibility switching won’t be there when both entities are from the same company.

Fastest completion

There’s always going to be a number of complications when the supplier and the installer are from different companies. The worst fact here is that the supplier will hardly be there since all they do is supply the goods.

All the problems that the installer is going to have with the supplied materials are going to delay the completion, and there comes a point where you wish had you chosen an installer-supplier company.

Highest quality of overall work

The biggest advantage of steering clear of all the complications is the fact how supplier-installer companies always provide an extremely better finish. After all, it’s not like they can blame the supplier or the installer for any problem; it’s the same company.

And like mentioned earlier, the supplier is not going to be present to defend their material quality since they’re not obliged to unless the supplier and the installer are from the same company.

Replacements for contractor’s side mistakes

None of the laborers will be careful when they know they don’t have to – that’s how the construction industry works. But when they’re from the supplying company, everyone in the project knows that they’d have to afford any damages to the materials. That’s another very economic advantage given how careless some workers can be - read more here.

The sheer convenience

We love busy lives, and our time is limited. That’s probably the #1 reason why you want a professional installer in. But when you need to purchase glasses separately and get an installation company separately, it’s always going to be a hassle from start to finish. Why should you choose the hard when the easier way is much better in every single aspect?

Lowered cumulative prices

When you’re containing two main services from the same company, the company realizes that it’s a deal for them. Thus, encourages them to lower their prices with discounts. But when you buy the materials separately and employ an installation professional, there’s no motive for either party to lower the price.

The conclusion

Now you know why supplier-installer companies have a sheer superiority in the market. After all, if their services make everything better, and since you need an installer anyway, needless to say further how it’s the best solution to choose companies that both supply glasses and install them.

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