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Types of Bras – Choose the Right One for The Right Purpose

Choosing the right underwear is as important as choosing the right outerwear. When it comes to buying or wearing brassieres, this is the same. You need to know all the types that are there in the market and the purpose and use of them. Take a look at the list below to see different types of brassieres and their use.

T-Shirt Bra

This is one of the most common types. This type is seamless and is invisible through t –shirts. If you want to wear t-shirts without your underwear being shown through the material, this is the right choice.

Sports Bra

These are the types of brassieres that are ideal for women doing sports/ fitness or workout. They keep the breasts firm during workout by reducing breasts movement during exercise.

Lace Bra

Lace bras are the type of brassieres to go for if you are looking for something trendy and stylish. They can be worn with party wear or even loose shirts if you want to have a fancier outfit.

Plunge Bras

Looking for the perfect way to wear a dress or a top with a low neckline? Then here is the solution. Plunge bras have a plunging neckline so it won’t be visible over the neckline of your dress or top.

Strapless Bras

If you want to make sure your brassiere straps are not seen over your outfit, then a strapless brassiere is the perfect for you. They provide the same support as a regular bra but come without straps.

Balconette Bra

This type only covers a part of the breast. They support the breasts and cover the nipples. It lifts the breasts and is ideal to create cleavage. These are also better worn with low cut tops.


Bralettes are increasingly becoming more and more of a causal wear and not just underwear. These are wireless and non-padded brassieres. More than providing support, they provide coverage. These are perfect with sheer tops.

Front Hook Bras

Sometimes buttoning up the brassierefrom behind can be a nightmare. So if you are in a hurry and can’t deal with hooks or buttons on your back, choose a front hook bra for the day.

Halter Neck and Low Back Bras

Both of these are perfect for backless outfits. You can also wear halter neck brassieres with outfits that have a large arm cut and want to hide the straps.

Nursing Bra

A nursing bra is a special kind of brassiere that is made for lactating women. They provide extra support to your breasts.And also, nursing bras make it comfortable for you when breastfeeding.             

Tube Bra

A tube bra or a bandeau bra is a strapless brassiere type. They come with and without cups. They are stretchable and easily worn. Like bralettes, they are worn more for the look than the support.

When you go shopping, don’t just buy any brassiere that you come across. Instead, buy the type that you really need. Think of the outfits you own the most or the particular event you are shopping for. Then choose the right brassiere that would fit perfect for that event/ outfit.

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