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Victorian MP Tim McCurdy to stand trial for alleged real estate fraud


Allegations of making and using false documents have been levelled against Victorian Nationals MP Tim McCurdy – a real estate deal which earned him $375,000 in commissions called into question.

It is undisputed that Mr McCurdy himself performed the work preceding the 2009 sales of two Katamatite-based dairy farms – the alleged falsity surrounding the documentation used.

Mr McCurdy purportedly operated without official registry as an agent, using documents bearing Andrew Gilmour Real Estate letterheads. The sale was then allegedly processed through Andrew Gilmour Real Estate.

While Mr McCurdy began working on one of these sales while employed alongside Andrew Gilmour at real estate agency PGG Wrightson in 2008, by the time the 2009 sales were complete, both McCurdy and Gilmour had moved on from the agency.

Mr McCurdy faces ten charges in total – four counts of making a false document, four counts of using a false document, attempting to obtain property by deception and obtaining property by deception. Magistrate Peter Mithen believes there is sufficient evidence for all charges to succeed.

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Mr McCurdy suggested the charges may have a more political motive, stating he is is looking forward to his day in court and vowing to run for re-election.

“It’s not about the commissions, it’s about my opportunity to have my say,” he said.

“Most people will understand it’s no coincidence this is rolling out in an election year, but these things happen, you just go with it and get on with it.”

The next stage of this case will be the directions hearing Mr McCurdy faces on November 2.