Every industry feels the innovative touch of technology, real estate no exception. Virtual Tours of homes have been touted as one of the biggest innovations in the industry, and the most likely to have a large impact on real estate listing and selling.

Augment Space director Ben Clarence says over 280 virtual tours have now been created using the software, with new photography partners coming on-board weekly, and over 100,000 property interactions recorded.

“We’re very excited to announce over 100,000 property interactions have been recorded using our virtual tours – and the details of every interaction sent to the selling agent to give them a better perspective of Buyer Behavior with regard to their listing.”

SA Real Estate News spoke to several agents about their experience with the technology on offer by Adelaide based Augment Space and their thoughts on industry-wide adoption.

A Listing & Selling Tool

Mike Lowrie, real estate agent for Harcourts Sergeant, who was recently featured on SA Real Estate News for the fresh approach he is bringing to Adelaide’s northern suburbs, speaks on the unique benefits provided.

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“I like the point of difference of the product and the ability to give a “real” view of the property and provide the ability to get a good feel for the entire space rather than (what is) chosen to be shown in the agent’s photos.”

“I think it will make sales easier by appealing to out of area buyers and possibly make them more comfortable to purchase without visiting or at least shortlist it to them.”

Mike adds that:

“…the ability to track and analyse the buyer’s interests in the property (through Buyer Behavioral Reports) is very helpful.”

A Tour Without the Travel

Steve Walker, co-owner of Kookaburra Homes who specialise in transportable homes, has unique needs for his business, needs which are complemented by virtual tours.

“Because we obviously can’t put display homes all around the state and many of my customers are 150-200 kilometres from their nearest display home, it allows me to take the display home to them, so they can view that display home in the comfort of their own lounge rooms.”

“The feedback that I’ve got from customers is that they find the tool really, really useful. This is because they may be looking at building a home, but cannot get to a display for maybe one or two months. So it gives them an opportunity to go online, walk around the property and get a sense of, one, the quality, and two, the layout they may want to achieve.”

The Future of Augment Space

On the future of virtual tours, real estate agents are positive and agree that virtual tours are the future of the real estate industry, with the fastest adoption occurring across both investment properties and the middle-market.

Mike Lowrie said in his market in the Northern Suburbs, that fastest take-up has been with properties popular with interstate and overseas buyers especially.

“I think it could be much more prevalent in “investment-style properties” that could be more targeted to out of area buyers.”

Steve hesitates to say that this technology will replace traditional methods completely.

“It’s really useful to medium / high end buyers, but given the price point that they have on the market, if it stays around that I don’t see why a real estate company couldn’t just tack on a small amount to get the 3D done (across all properties).”

Stephen Venn, Principal and Sales Consultant at Harcourts Real Estate, is of the opinion that it will certainly become much more common as the pioneer agents use it more regularly.

“It is of great assistance to the buyer to find their way around the property, particularly large, meandering properties like the one I currently am using the tool for… It gives the prospective purchasers much better context to how a property and home flows.”

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