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Ways On How to Save On Shipping Costs

Whether your business is big or small, saving money on regular expenses really goes a long way. We all have a budget when it comes to running a business and unexpected costs can really affect the balance of your business budget. This is the main reason why a lot of business owners strive hard to cut down their operational costs in order to have extra budget to spend on other important aspects of the business.

Shipping is a basic part of every business, especially when you do sell online. Basically, shipping rates depend on the size of your parcel and its destination. If you’re shipping almost similar items, most likely you’ll have a flat shipping rate. However, there are actually some few ways to help you save on shipping costs. Read along and learn more about it.

Ship Products Slower

Your products don’t really need to arrive on the same day when it was ordered. Consider the speed of your delivery when shipping to customers. Shorter delivery time means higher shipping cost, and vice versa. There are some things that need to be shipped immediately such as time-sensitive documents and perishable goods. You need to use an express courier for these items. However, if it is not that urgent such as shipping regular products, you could opt for a longer shipping time to save on costs.

Use the Right Box Size

Since shipping cost is also based on the size of the package, it is necessary that you use the right sized box in order to avoid unnecessary charges. It could be convenient to just pick up any box where you could fit in your product. However, you’ll need to pay an extra just for this convenience. Be wise in spending for shipping and always use the right sized box. There are plenty of mailing boxes that save you shipping costs and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Take Advantage of Business Rewards

Businesses ship items regularly than regular consumers that’s why shipping companies offer some perks to businesses especially when they are already a regular client. When you’re a business owner, ask the shipping company about the business rewards and programs they have. Mostly, they are offering a discounted shipping price for businesses. The more items you ship every month, the more you could save as well on shipping costs.

Use Your Packing Materials

Although shipping companies can pack your items, it would only add to the cost when you leave this task to them. Buy your own packaging materials instead and pack the products first before sending to the freight company. Since you can buy packaging items in bulk, you could enjoy wholesale prices which are relatively lower than retail price.

Being wise in spending is important if you’re running a business, whether it is a small shop or a big one. With those tips mentioned above, you can surely save up on shipping costs and earn more revenue for your business.

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