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Ways to Build Your Family Bonding Time

If you love your family, we know you would do anything for them! All one wants to do is spend time with their loved ones. Feel free to read on to know how you and your family could continue to keep that bond strong.

Continuous meet ups

If you and your family meet up on a regular basis, you would see that everyone will get along better. The awkwardness would immediately leave and it would be so much easier to communicate. This would enable you and the rest of the family to feel secure and loved.

You want to show your loved ones that you are always there for them, not just meet them once a year. This would not be good for a family who truly wants to stay connected and be close.

Build connections

To build connections with people, it doesn’t happen overnight, you need to be patient but also know that with family there is that instant spark. Your need to build connections with your family.


One person in the family should be the one to organize all things meet ups, celebrations. That designated person in your family along with the others could create WhatsApp groups and other family chats and regularly message so that everyone is aware on the dates and times of the meet ups.

This designated person could also handle all things legal. It is best to contact a will lawyer Melbourne based in the early stages than in last and of course add on it as times goes so that your family assets aren’t left with unknown parties such as the state officials and judges. This could cause a lot of tension and family strife and we want to help avoid that early!

Bonding activities

Once everyone has set aside legal matters, you could all focus on what’s really important- your meet ups!

Here are some of our fun recommendations you could try out with your family. Board games such as Cluedo, connect 4 and even monopoly is such team work games that your family could truly benefit from during meet ups.

You could also play uno, and have movie nights with a projector – just to make things a little more fun!

Food and drinks

When prepping for a family meet up, we recommend that there is a system that each family member choses their favourite cuisine once a week and goes on repeat. This way, everyone gets to eat what they love with the whole family and this would also avoid any favouritism, which also causes riffs between bonds.


Connecting on higher levels will help keep that long lasting bond going strong, this simply means introducing God into your family meetings. Perhaps a simple prayer to God such as help to keep your family united could be a small and quick prayer that could be carried down to generations. This last tip is subjective to you and your family and is not forced but just a recommendation to help you grow that long lasting bond.

Other traditions that are fun could be picture days, certain music you play on and dance with your family that could all be taken down from generation to generation.

Your family matters!

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