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This Week’s Airbnb Listing: Little Glory Church, West Hindmarsh


Little Glory Church, circa 1885, was once part of the West Hindmarsh Uniting Church. Its rich history includes use as a Sunday school, Kindergarten and tennis club.

I spoke with host Sandra, about Little Glory’s latest revival into a spacious and unique accommodation choice, minutes from the city.

How did you come to own Little Glory Church?

We bought Little Glory and the larger church next door, in 1998. The church sold due to its poor condition and a declining congregation. I could see the potential of converting both buildings – one as a home and the other as a business.

I ran my hair and beauty business from Little Glory first. Later we made further renovations and have listed it on Airbnb since October 2016.

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What has been the response?

It’s been fantastic. People not only love the location, but also the history of the church. The design is open-plan, therefore leading to a feeling of space. Guests have commented that Little Glory also has a very positive energy.

Who stays?

A lot of families, couples, and many overseas visitors stay. Guests find our location convenient for events at the Entertainment Centre and Cooper’s Stadium. Some stay at Little Glory due to their own interest in restoring or renovating a church or warehouse.

What modifications were made before listing the property on Airbnb?

Previously the church was a large, open space with a stage at one end. We removed this, added a mezzanine floor and two staircases leading up to the bedrooms. Downstairs we created another bedroom and added the bathroom.

We kept what we could of the original fittings. The original windows and door have been restored and we have some of the church pews. There are photos of the renovation process displayed for guests to view.

I decorated the property myself, mixing art-deco and antique pieces. These work well in a building of this type.

What would be your advice to people considering renovating a church or warehouse?

It’s a lot of hard work, especially doing it yourself. We were lucky to have friends and family who worked in the building industry. They were a useful resource and an immense help.

You need to have patience. Restoration and renovation takes time. Older buildings tend to need more ongoing maintenance. Be prepared for the extra time and potential cost.

Sandra currently resides in the larger church, with hopes of listing this property on Airbnb in the future. View Little Glory Church on Airbnb here.