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What if you Could Offer a Professional Concierge Service to your Developer Clients?



Written by Anita Butcher

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What if you Could Offer a Professional Concierge Service to your Developer Clients?

James Theodosi, one of the many professional concierge staff of CBS Inc.

When I say concierge service, what is your first thought?

Let me guess – the hotel industry?

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Concierge staff play an integral role in operating any hotel, by performing a variety of invaluable tasks on a daily basis.

These including assisting customers with reservations, recommending the best places to visit, showing people to where they need to go, and a range of other services.

Concierge staff are often the first point of contact in a hotel, and so are always well presented and there to greet customers with a smile on their face.

What if I told you that a concierge service could be just as beneficial to the real estate industry?

Imagine offering a professional, inexpensive concierge service as part of your offering to developers – a professional and presentable way to assist residents or customers with all their needs.

CBS (Community Bridging Service) Inc. Community Concierge is a prime example of how concierge service can be taken out of the hotel industry and into an office or residential building.

Freddie Brincat is the Executive Director of CBS Inc., which is a not-for-profit organisation that supports people with disabilities to achieve success.

He believes implementing a concierge service in an office building like Aurora on Pirie, which sees over a thousand people each day, is a clever investment.

“Having a concierge service is helpful to so many people, as they can provide a huge variety of services to anyone that may enter the building,” Mr Brincat told SA Real Estate News.

Community Concierge staff are responsible for a number of services including: showing people directions, providing a mail service, assisting tradespeople, ordering taxis, providing a dry cleaning service, and most importantly – security.

“All our concierge staff do a level of security and first aid training, so it’s a discrete security service as well as the main customer service, like you’d see at a hotel,” Mr Brincat said.

James Theodosi is one of the concierge staff with Community Concierge and knows how important it is to have a concierge service within a building.

“As concierge staff, we play a duplicate role, because not only do we provide security – walking people to their cars if they feel unsafe, and assessing every person and every item that comes into the building; we also provide people with  a friendly face, and they can be directed straight away.”

This ensures everyone’s day run smoothly and efficiently, assisting people with where to go, while keeping them safe and the building secure at all times.

“There’s thirteen floors and a diverse range of people in this building – but the feedback is always so positive,” Mr Theodosi said.

And according to Mr Brincat, running a concierge service is not only useful for customers and clients, but business owners too – proving very cost effective.

“For a business it is very affordable. As a not-for-profit we don’t require the margins a full profit would, but we provide a discount rate by using cash reserves for a period so that the business who might be looking at investing in our concierge service, can trial it for 7 or 8 months. Once we prove the quality of the service, we have costed it at a very affordable business opportunity,

“It adds a lot of value to businesses where they can operate on lower margins because the concierge does a lot of the tasks a secretary might do,” Mr Brincat said.

Community Bridging Services can be contacted at
8224 2900