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What’s New in Bathroom Technology?

Source: Freshhome

Bathroom technology is on the rise. Whether you’re a tech-savvy first-home buyer or renovator looking for the latest trends, you can’t go past these latest advancements.

Chromatherapy Showers & Baths

LEDs built into the shower or bath allow for colour adjustment depending on mood; purple for relaxation, yellow or orange to stimulate creativity, green to balance and white to cleanse. Set the cycle to random and bathe in your own rainbow!

Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass is a laminated glass product – a glass pane with a specialised film coating. With the flick of a switch, it changes from clear to opaque, giving you complete privacy, or full natural light as required. A great alternative to blinds.

Fancy Toilets


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A paper-free toilet may not sound like the best idea but temperature-controlled water, spritzing wands and automatic dryers are already popular in Asia. Add to this, auto-flush, seat warmers, motion sensors to raise and lower the lid, the ability to self-clean, and you’ve got a toilet full of technology!

Digital Shower & Tap Controls

Source: Grohe

Struggling to find the perfect water temperature and pressure each time? Activated via remote control, you can set and save your shower preferences through a digital interface.

Turning taps on and off via sensor is nothing new. Advances in technology now allow you to control the amount of time a tap is on for – e.g. brushing your teeth. The tap will run for a few seconds while you wet your brush, then shut down for the amount of time programmed. It will then come on again, allowing you to rinse.

Go-Go Gadgets

Bring one of the most frequently-used rooms into the tech-age with:

  • A heated towel drawer
  • A refrigerated drawer for medicines
  • Waterproof TVs for the shower or vanity mirror