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What’s the Difference between Cordless Drill and Screwdriver?

If you’re one of those DIY enthusiasts, most likely you already have one or more power tools in your arsenal. With so many options to choose from on hardware shops, it can be confusing which one you should get especially if you’re planning to expand your DIY toolkit.

Some of these tools even have different names but could do the same tasks. One of these common power tools that are usually interchanged are the cordless drill and the screwdriver. If you’re one of those who are confused which tool to get among the two, you’re at the right place. This article will help you clear your mind about the difference between these two tools especially in their uses.


Also known as power drill, the purpose of this tool is to drill holes in a surface. Whether it is wood, concrete, metal, or any other surface, this power tool is what you need when you need to makes holes into any material. However aside from drilling holes, you can also use a power drill to drive screws into different surfaces but it’s not the main purpose for this tool.


On the other hand, a screwdriver is a manual tool which is mainly used for driving screws into a surface. You need to choose the right bit that fits into the head of the screw to drive the screws properly into place. Unlike the power drill, a screwdriver can’t be used to make deep holes in a surface.

Similar Uses

Both of those tools can be used to drive screws into a surface and fasten materials together. However, they differ in speed and precision since both of them work differently. Even though you can use a power drill to drive screws, it is not as accurate and precise as the manual screwdriver because of its high speed. Sometimes the screw gets lost in its way with too much speed.

On the other hand, a screwdriver is more precise in driving and securing screws into place. Whether it is manual or powered, a screwdriver works slower than the power drill, giving the user more precision and accuracy in aiming the screws. It’s good to have these tools such as the Milwaukee combo set because they can be used a lot in many DIY projects.

Using a Drill as a Screwdriver

If you’re planning to use a power drill as a screwdriver, here’s a simple guide on how to do it.

First, you need to choose a bit that fits the screw you’re planning to drive into a surface. For first-timers, it is best to choose a slower speed until you get used to it and gradually increase later on as you wish. Before turning on the drill, be sure to change the settings into screw mode. Slowly start the drill and keep the pressure consistent for better results. Stop the drill immediately if the bit doesn’t fit the screw to prevent damaging the surface and the screw as well.

Getting these tools is definitely a wise investment and a perfect addition to your DIY toolkit.

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