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Why Is Carpet Maintenance Important?

If you are an adult living alone or even with others then you know just how much cleaning your home requires. There is no end to the dust, dirt and grim that feels up even after hours of cleaning. Having carpets don’t make the job any easier either.

Although carpets and rugs make a space more elegant and homely, they do require a lot of maintenance. Whatever the room or size of the carpet it is prone to catching dust and dirt if not regularly vacuumed. Here are quite a few reasons carpet maintenance is crucial and should be considered before making the investment.

Dust mites cause allergies

Have you ever walked into a room that is fully carpeted and felt your nose get itchy within a few seconds? This is probably due to the dust mites wedged within the fabric. Dust mites and dirt are tiny particles that get buried within the fabrics of the carpet or rug.

Regardless of the texture or the carpet dust finds a way of lingering. Wool or thicker materials can collect more dust and can only be cleaned with a vacuum or a professional service. If you are prone to allergies and respiratory sicknesses it is vital you vacuum carpets and rugs at least once a week.


Many carpets and rugs nowadays are made from synthetic materials, as it is cheaper to manufacture and therefore sell. Carpets are an expensive investment as the raw materials are expensive to use, therefore most people prefer investing in the cheaper carpets as it is cost saving but still look appealing.

However, these are made of synthetic materials that may hold many chemicals. The chemicals used may cause allergies and respiratory problems; they can even be harmful as they emit toxins into the air. Your best solution is to purchase rugs and carpets from a natural rug company that only products made from natural raw materials.

Mould and fungus build-ups

Most of the time we are quite consistent in cleaning the surface of the carpet but tend to forget how important it is to clean the bottom side of it. Especially in places where carpets and rugs are permanent fixtures there is a tendency for mould and fungus to build up.

The moisture and dampness from the carpet makes bacteria build up very easy. Cleaning the bottom side of the carpet should be done at lease every few months. The bacterial and fungus can cause sicknesses and allergies that can become serious in the long term. This happens more often in colder temperatures.

Air quality can be compromised

As mentioned earlier carpets attract loads of dust, thus compromising the air quality. In rooms that are fully carpeted and use air conditioners the same air tends to circulate, letting pollutants freely move in the air. This air is then inhaled causing coughs and allergies. If you have children or adults who are prone to allergies it is mandatory to get carpets cleaned every few weeks.

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