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Why You Should Package Goods with Aluminium Foil

In this day and age, the process of packaging has come a long way and is constantly evolving to adapt to the requirements of the modern industry. Using sustainable packaging is also becoming increasingly important as the world is quickly realizing the importance of being environmentally friendly.

Aluminium foil is now recognized as a form of sustainable yet effective packaging with various beneficial properties. Aluminium is not necessarily expensive and can therefore add to your profitability and has a lot of applications in the industrial sector. Let us explore all these application in detail.

So, what are the benefits?

One of the most obvious benefits that Aluminium has is its versatility. Its versatility can come in the form of Aluminum foil tape, containers, sheets and even lids. Aluminium is known for how effective of a barrier it is against external conditions. It is highly protective and is capable of insulation and as result is used in the preservation of food and other nutritional items.

Better preservation means longer shelf life which is why aluminium is often a retailer’s best friend. Aluminium acts as a shield against even gas or moisture which prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi which is why it is a very good option to choose for packaging products that are keen on retaining good flavour and quality.

The best part is that you do not need a large quantity of aluminium to get the job done, its protective function has a very little “protective against weight ratio” which means you spend and use less to preserve more. This would be ideal for dairy products etc. By using Aluminium to preserve certain types of products and food at room temperature you also save costs on refrigeration etc.

So, this most versatile material can save you a considerable cost from multiple angles. Another obvious benefit is that there is less packaging waste to be thrown away since you require less of it to package your products which solidifies its position as a sustainable resource to use.

Plastic for example in contrast causes a lot more packaging waste and is harmful to the environment in multiple ways. It is also useful to note that aluminium foil for example can be used in combination with other types of materials to enhance its flexibility and effectiveness which is an added advantage. It is light in weight so another benefit is that transporting bulk quantities of products wrapped in Aluminium will not be a big hassle.

Thermal Conductivity is cool!

Aluminium has the very useful property of Thermal conductivity which means it is highly resistant to extremely high temperatures which ensures that the product it protects is not exposed to big variations in heat and therefor retains it quality. Food tends to spoil if it is subjected to variations in heat however it negates this. It goes without saying that this material is highly reflective and therefore saves the electricity or energy used to heat your pre-packed food.

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